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What is Scaling and Root Planing?

Do you have regular check-ups with your dentist? The health of your teeth and mouth is essential, so keeping up with cleanings and examinations can help prevent you from getting gum diseases and other poor oral health issues. Learn more about what scaling and root planing are, so you can stay informed about dental procedures.

What is Scaling?

Do you know what scaling is? It’s not exactly a popular term when you think about dentistry. Before a dentist even performs a scaling, they will thoroughly examine your mouth and have X-Rays done before they will also begin the process. Every dentist takes your teeth health seriously and will be comprehensive when they do any kind of procedure such as scaling.

Scaling is when a dentist will remove that terrible calculus or plaque on the surfaces of your teeth. However, this whole process is explicitly done below the gum line where the root is located.

Your dentist will use a dental tool specially made for this purpose called the ultrasonic scaling tool. Not only does this tool help remove all that bad buildup of plaque and calculus, but it also creates an irrigation process at the same time. You see, the antimicrobial agent that is implanted below the gums will help reduce any kind of bacteria that’s in your mouth.

This whole scaling process is excellent for your teeth and mouth health because it gets rid of all those pesky plaque and calculus hiding below the gum line. It can also serve as an extra bonus for reducing all the bacteria that might be living in your mouth.

What is Root Planing?

Now you might be wondering: what is root planing? Just as your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth before doing any scaling, they will also check your mouth before they perform any root planing.

Root planing is performed by your dentist to help get any of the cementum and surface dentin that you might have in your mouth. This process will begin by smoothing out the root of your teeth because it will help heal your teeth after this procedure is done. It will also reinforce the prevention of any bacteria from getting in there later on when you are in contact with microorganisms, tartar, or toxins that create all the cementum and surface dentin in the first place.

Both of these procedures will help prevent gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease from happening. Therefore, consult your dentist if you think you might need scaling or root planing. They will listen to your concerns and examine your mouth to see if you need it done. Scaling and root planing isn’t a surgical procedure, but some people might require a local anesthetic. It depends on the person and also how well they are in a dental environment.

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