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New Patient

Why am I being referred to a specialist?

What exactly is a periodontist?

What to expect on your first visit:

Rarely is this gum and bone disease only located at one tooth. We will do a comprehensive examination. Similarly, if you were to buy a home, you would not say to the inspector, “please only look at the north end of my foundation.” Usually, the body likes symmetry. Other sites may have the disease but we may be able to catch and treat it before it becomes more severe than the original site. Comprehensive examinations are needed to diagnose and treat you as we would our own family members.

Following the examination, we will determine what additional information may be needed to properly diagnose your condition and then provide you with a customized treatment plan. Some of the additional data needed may be “putty” impressions, digital impressions, clinical photos, a 3D scan, radiographs or an examination from another specialist (i.e. root canal specialist).

When all diagnostic information is obtained we will prepare and review with you the treatment plan we have for you.

What is periodontal disease? Are different treatments are a possibility?
Periodontal disease is infection in the gums, bone, root structure and the ligament around the teeth. Depending on several factors, we have multiple treatment options for this disease: scaling and root planing, laser therapy, bone grafting, dental implants, gum and bone re-contouring, gum grafts from a tissue bank or your palate, as well as others.


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