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I Have Missing Teeth, What is the Best Solution?

Over the past three decades or so, replacing missing teeth has improved so significantly that it can be easy for patients to forget that they have them and next to impossible for someone else to distinguish them from your real teeth. While in the past our only real solution was a bridge or dentures/partials, these days your periodontist has another option that is designed and customized specifically for your mouth — dental implants.

So what’s the best answer for your missing teeth in Medford or Grants Pass, OR? Keep reading for some helpful insight.


Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Depending on location, tooth loss can be everything from annoying to embarrassing, cumbersome, unsightly, bothersome, and painful. No matter if the loss if from an accident, gum disease/decay, or other issues, tooth loss can have a lasting effect on the rest of your teeth, and your life, if not dealt with in a timely fashion. Failing to address those gaps can not only affect your smile and eating habits, but they can also cascade into a range of issues that you’re probably not aware of.

Teeth adjacent to a missing tooth will ofttimes tilt or shift into that empty space, resulting in instability with their own neighboring teeth. In turn, this can further domino and cause the teeth in the opposing jaw to move further up or down in an attempt to make contact with a new match, causing a misaligned bite.

Of course, health is always a concern when it comes to oral care and a missing tooth can have a serious negative effect on it. There are also other issues that can arise from not replacing missing teeth and you should find a qualified Periodontist and schedule a consultation as soon as possible.


How Do You Choose Your Replacement Option?

While ultimately your decision between bridges, dentures, or dental implants will likely depend on several factors, the fact is dental implants are the closest that you can get to your natural teeth. They allow you to eat, smile, and enjoy other regular activities without having to worry about the appearance, functionality, or cleaning of your teeth.  

Dental implants are screw-type implements that are placed in your jawbone and bond with your natural bone to become a strong, permanent support for your artificial tooth, called a crown. An abutment connector is placed on top of that implant to support and hold the crown, which is actually custom-made to match your natural bite and to fit your unique mouth. With implants you not only get replacements that look and feel great, but they are also designed to last.

Consulting with an area periodontist is always recommended before making a final choice in these matters. You want to make a fully informed decision by ensuring that you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option, as well as having a professional verify that actual level of decay and possible bone damage.


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