What Are Non-Surgical Periodontal Techniques? Are They Right for Me?

Looking for Nonsurgical Treatment for Periodontal Disease? These Methods Can Help You 


Periodontal disease affects nearly half of the U.S. adult population. But even with this level of prevalence, many adults shy away from active treatment by a local periodontist. 

Many reasons are at play here. One of the most common factors is the fear of surgical treatments. 

Thankfully, not all treatments for periodontal disease involves surgery. Some of the most popular treatment methods happen to be nonsurgical. 

The following information on nonsurgical periodontal techniques will help you learn more about these treatments. Since these methods are popular, you could have them performed through a credible dentist at Ferrin Periodontics in Medford & Grants Pass, OR.

What Are Some Types of Nonsurgical Periodontal Techniques?

Thanks to the advancements in periodontal disease treatment, you can turn to many different nonsurgical periodontal techniques. 

These techniques are non-invasive and come with minimal side effects and recovery time. At the same time, they are highly effective in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Scaling and Root Planing

Also called deep cleaning, scaling, and root planing targets plaque and tartar on your teeth. Since plaque and tartar harbor periodontal disease bacteria, clearing it up helps in treating the disease.

The procedure involves the periodontist using specialized cleaning equipment to clean your teeth. But the dentist does not stop there. They go to the very root of your teeth to clean out any pockets formed along with them. 

They then smooth your gumline from the root of your teeth. This practice helps in treating any painful or inflamed pockets that have formed by your gumline. This technique also prevents the return of harmful bacteria. 

Once this procedure is finalized, your gums start getting back to a healthier state. This is why it’s one of the most popular nonsurgical periodontal techniques. Most dentists agree that many patients do not require any further treatment.

But in some cases, additional treatments or follow up visits are needed.


Perioscopy uses specially made endoscope equipment for dental treatments. By using this equipment, your periodontist could examine the area below the gumline to see its state of health. This method may occur before or after scaling and root planing.

From there, your dentist could determine additional procedures to help you get relief from periodontal disease.

Laser Pocket Reduction Therapy

This treatment procedure is used to remove inflamed gum tissue from the roots of the teeth. Instead of the need for cutting or sutures, specialized lasers are used to target only the inflamed gum tissue. This technique takes nonsurgical targeted treatment to a whole new level.

This procedure is very effective yet minimally invasive. But it requires an experienced and exceptionally trained periodontist such as one from Ferrin Periodontics to work. 

How to Choose a Periodontal Service?

While choosing a periodontal service, it is important that you review the kinds of treatments they offer. This practice will help you shortlist dentists if you are looking for a periodontist who offers nonsurgical treatments.

Ferrin Periodontics uses state of the art cutting-edge nonsurgical techniques to relieve your periodontal disease.

Only a credible dentist should assess your situation and recommend nonsurgical treatments for you. Reach out to Ferrin Periodontics today to discuss your options.