I Think I Need Dentures, What Should I Do?

Having a set of healthy teeth is a blessing of the kind that does not get recognized until its absence. Think about it. Most of us take our teeth and dental health for granted. Brushing twice a day is something that only kids are told about and adults rarely practice; we consume alcohol, coffee, and soda as though they are the nectars of the Gods; and flossing is such an elusive concept that it is only often noticed in adverts.

However, for those of us who have lost our teeth to old age, tooth decay or accidents over the years know exactly how important a good set of teeth could be for our everyday functions. That is where dentures and dental implants could help. If you are one such individual who is looking into obtaining a comfortable set of dentures, then this guide would help you determine your most viable options accordingly.


What to Do to Obtain Dentures or Dental Implants?

Whether you have lost most of your teeth or if only a few have fallen off so far with the other teeth feeling loose against your gums, then it would be time to visit your local dentist to discuss your options regarding dentures and dental implants. After going through a dental exam, your local dentist will inform you whether you are a viable candidate for dentures or not. Mostly, dentures are only considered an option when a patient has lost most of their teeth with others on the way, in which case dental extractions are put into place. If this is the case for you, then dentures would be designed according to your dental structure, so that they could fit you comfortably.

In case you have not lost all of your teeth and have more than a few healthy crowns and molars still in place, then you may get partial dental implants that would only replace the lost teeth. The most comfortable of dental implants are pegged into your gums as an artificial root so that you do not have to wear dentures but feel like the implants are your own teeth. You can even easily brush them, and depending on your dental health, you can even floss them like regular teeth.


This is why, it is recommended that whenever you visit your local dentist for dentures, do discuss dental implants as an option as well.


Ferrin Periodontics Will Help You With Your Denture and Implant-Related Questions

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