I Think I Need Dentures, What Should I Do?

Having a set of healthy teeth is a blessing of the kind that does not get recognized until its absence. Think about it. Most of us take our teeth and dental health for granted. Brushing twice a day is something that only kids are told about and adults rarely practice; we consume alcohol, coffee, and soda as though they are the nectars of the Gods; and flossing is such an elusive concept that it is only often noticed in adverts.

However, for those of us who have lost our teeth to old age, tooth decay or accidents over the years know exactly how important a good set of teeth could be for our everyday functions. That is where dentures and dental implants could help. If you are one such individual who is looking into obtaining a comfortable set of dentures, then this guide would help you determine your most viable options accordingly.


What to Do to Obtain Dentures or Dental Implants?

Whether you have lost most of your teeth or if only a few have fallen off so far with the other teeth feeling loose against your gums, then it would be time to visit your local dentist to discuss your options regarding dentures and dental implants. After going through a dental exam, your local dentist will inform you whether you are a viable candidate for dentures or not. Mostly, dentures are only considered an option when a patient has lost most of their teeth with others on the way, in which case dental extractions are put into place. If this is the case for you, then dentures would be designed according to your dental structure, so that they could fit you comfortably.

In case you have not lost all of your teeth and have more than a few healthy crowns and molars still in place, then you may get partial dental implants that would only replace the lost teeth. The most comfortable of dental implants are pegged into your gums as an artificial root so that you do not have to wear dentures but feel like the implants are your own teeth. You can even easily brush them, and depending on your dental health, you can even floss them like regular teeth.


This is why, it is recommended that whenever you visit your local dentist for dentures, do discuss dental implants as an option as well.


Ferrin Periodontics Will Help You With Your Denture and Implant-Related Questions

If you are in Oregon, then Ferrin Periodontist – Medford & Grants Pass, OR, may be of help to you in selecting dentures and dental implants.

As a tenured dentist who specializes in periodontics and dental implants, Ferrin Periodontist – Medford & Grants Pass, OR has ample experience to help people of all ages who have lost their teeth to age or even unfortunate incidents.

If you are looking to discuss your denture and dental implants options, do not hesitate from giving Ferrin Periodontics a call today.

Medford Periodontist Explains: Dental Implants vs. Bridges

Computers and technology are not the only things that have advanced rapidly in the past few decades. Treatments for broken, decaying, and missing teeth have also made a leap, with options ranging from fillings that maintain the natural appearance of the tooth to complete replacements. When it comes to complete replacements, a patient often has the choice between dental implants and dental bridges. So what is the difference and which, if either, is better?

Am I A Candidate for Dental Implants?

Of the two, the dental bridge is the procedure that has been used the longest. A bridge is formed by two or more crowns placed on both sides of the gap where the decayed tooth previously was. A false tooth, generally made of gold, porcelain, or a combination of materials, is placed between the two crowns. The three pieces are then sealed together with a cement-like mixture.

A dental implant is a little more complex, but in its simplest description, a dental implant is a replacement root with a tooth on top. It is more advanced because it is one, seamless piece instead of three separate pieces as a bridge is. It is placed into the root where the former decayed tooth and root previously were and, over time, the gums will form around it. While the tooth is fake, it feels and acts like a real tooth.

This is why, for many, the dental implant is better when they have to replace an entire tooth. The biggest strength of the dental implant is that it is a single piece that is easy to clean and acts exactly the same as the previous tooth did. The three pieces of the dental bridge can be tough to clean, especially since the bond between the three pieces can never be perfect, which means that bacteria can get in between the pieces.

The biggest downside of the dental implant is that a relatively serious surgery is required to put them in. You will have to care for them post-op, which requires an entire process all its own, and they can develop peri-implant disease if not maintained properly after placement.

Dental Implants with Ferrin Periodontics

Ultimately the choice between the two is up to you and your dental surgeon, with your dentist taking into consideration as much as possible about your health in general. Dr. John Ferrin specialized is dental implants and creating beautiful smiles. If you would like to learn more about either service, contact us today at either our Medford, OR office or our Grants Pass, OR office.

Common Dental Implant Questions Answered

Many people in the United States, after receiving an injury to a tooth or after finding a decaying tooth, learn they may need a dental implant. Dental implants are superb fixes for damaged or missing teeth, helping to restore the oral health of a patient and returning the beautiful smile they previously had. Many of these people have questions concerning dental implants: the following is a list of frequently-asked questions and their answers for dental implants!

When Should I Get Dental Implants?

The first commonly-asked question is when you should get dental implants. Dental implants are commonly used when most of the tooth has been degraded or destroyed. The dental implant is used to completely remove the degraded tooth and its roots, replacing them with the removal root and tooth. If the tooth can be filled in or covered with a crown, a dentist will likely opt for one of these less invasive methods.

Why Should I Get Dental Implants?

The second common question is why you should get dental implants. You and your dentist will want to go for dental implants if the tooth that needs to be replaced is so degraded and or destroyed that allowing it to go further without replacement would risk further damage to the body or mouth. The key is how destroyed the tooth is: if it appears that the root is also being exposed, then dental implants will be the route you and your dentist will take.

Are Dental Implants Noticeable?

The third question is whether they are noticeable. Out of all of the resources that can fix a degraded tooth, the dental implant is the least noticeable. Half of the dental implant is a fake root, hidden beneath the gums to keep the upper half in place. That upper half, the noticeable, tooth part of the dental implant, is made of a material that makes it look very similar to a natural tooth. Nobody, save your dentist or any of his assistants, will know that you have a dental implant.

How Long Will My Dental Implants Last?

Finally, how long will the dental implant last? The answer to this question depends on whether you take care of the implant: with proper care, including brushing and flossing the gum, preventing further gum disease, the dental implant can last upwards of twenty-five years. For many, it lasts for the rest of their lives. If you take care of your teeth after receiving the implants, you will not need to worry about getting a replacement.

Get A Beautiful Smile with Top Medford Periodontist!

If you are looking for more information on dental implants or are looking for dental implants in Medford, Oregon, contact us or stop by your local dentist and discuss this option with them. Dental implants may be the best choice for you!


When you Should See a Periodontist in Medford, OR

Everyone has heard of a dentist. However, unless you have been directed to see one, you have likely never heard of a periodontist. A periodontist is a dentist that specializes in the treatment of gum disease. They receive additional residency training to ensure they fully understand the nature of gum disease, as well as the best treatment practices and dental implant solutions.

Signs You Need To See a Periodontist

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, does not typically start with overt symptoms. The first signs of problems typically revolve around brushing and flossing. If your gums become red, swollen, or bleed easily when agitated, this is an early sign of a growing bacterial infection. You may even note your gums receding as a result of this. Chronic bad breath or a strange bitter taste can also be symptoms of the early stages of gum disease. If you notice a sensitivity to food or drink temperatures or pain while eating or drinking, you may be experiencing some more advanced signs of gum disease. As your teeth become more affected, you may also begin to notice your bite pattern changing or a loosened feel while chewing. A family history of gum disease or diabetes, as well as personal habits like smoking, can also contribute to the likelihood of developing gum disease.


The longer you wait to have your gum disease treated, the more expensive and extensive the treatment process will be. Furthermore, according to the American Dental Association, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults and affections millions of Americans every year. Advanced stages of gum disease that result in the loss of teeth can seriously impact your overall health, as well as your emotional state-of-mind. If caught early, gum disease is relatively easy to treat, however, and tooth loss is unlikely.

Ferrin Periodontics in Medford, OR

If you are looking for a periodontist in Medford, OR, Dr. John Ferrin, DMD, MS and his staff can help. Whether you are suffering from the advanced stages of gum disease or believe you may be showing signs of an early bacterial infection, Ferrin Periodontics knows how important a full, natural smile is to your health and self-esteem. Please contact us today if you would like to schedule an appointment.


Improve Your Smile & Boost Your Confidence with Local Dental Implants in Medford, OR!

Have you considered getting dental implants to replace missing or broken teeth and improve your smile? If not, it might be time to think about it! Dental implants are a great alternative to bridges and crowns, and look and feel as natural as your own teeth! If your smile is currently causing you to have feelings of low self-esteem, or you are having difficulty chewing your food, a dental implant may be just the thing you need to get your smile- and your life- back on track! Here’s what you need to know about dental implants, from your Medford, Oregon dental experts at Ferrin Periodontics.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is placed into the jawbone at the site of a missing tooth. This may be a tooth that was recently extracted, or one that has been missing for years. Using mild sedation, your oral surgeon will place a surgical post into the jaw, which will act as an anchor for the implant crown, much like a root anchors a natural tooth into your mouth. The post will then be fitted with a temporary cap and left to heal for several weeks. Impressions will then be taken for the permanent crown that will be cemented onto the post. You will receive this crown within a few weeks, which completes your dental implant process.

Are Dental Implants Better Than Dental Bridges?

While bridges are still a good option in some cases, many patients prefer the easy care and freedom of dental implants. Other than having to pay a little extra attention to flossing around the base of the implant, you can brush it normally, just as you do with your natural teeth. Additionally, since the implant is permanently fastened into your jawbone, you don’t have to worry about removing it to clean, as you do with dentures or partials, and you can go about your daily activities without giving your dental implant a second thought! The ease and efficiency of dental implant care makes it a popular option among patients of all ages.

Missing one or more teeth can cause people to become embarrassed to smile in photos, talk to new acquaintances, or speak in front of a group. If this sounds like you, don’t let another day go by feeling less than confident when you can have a beautiful smile with dental implants! Dr. John D. Ferrin and the rest of the Ferrin Periodontics team wants to help you get your confidence back and improve your smile so you can live life to its fullest.

Call our Medford, OR office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ferrin and his staff of dental care professionals.