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What is Pocket Reduction Therapy?

Periodontal disease destroys tissue and bone around your teeth, creating deep pockets which accumulate bacteria. This, in turn, can cause even more tissue and bone to be lost, and eventually, the tooth will need to be removed. Pocket reduction therapy can help reduce the depth of these pockets, which encourages the health of your teeth and gums. Here are the reasons for you to get pocket reduction therapy, types of procedures to consider, and how your local periodontist in Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon, can help you make the most of this treatment. 


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I Think I Need Dentures, What Should I Do?

Having a set of healthy teeth is a blessing of the kind that does not get recognized until its absence. Think about it. Most of us take our teeth and dental health for granted. Brushing twice a day is something that only kids are told about and adults rarely practice; we consume alcohol, coffee, and soda as though they are the nectars of the Gods; and flossing is such an elusive concept that it is only often noticed in adverts.However, for those of us who have lost our teeth to old age, tooth decay or accidents over the years know exactly how important a good set of teeth could be for our everyday
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Why Did My Dentist Refer Me to a Periodontist?

Whether you’ve kept your regular appointments or just saw your dentist for the first time in years, a referral to a periodontist can be a bit surprising and perhaps even a little confusing. So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about periodontists and why your dentist may have referred you to one. What is a Periodontist?Basically, a periodontist is a dentist who is considered an expert or specialist in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of various types of periodontal disease. However, they also generally specialize in placing permanent bridges and dental implants and will sometimes perform required gum surgery, oral plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgical procedures limit
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I Have Missing Teeth, What is the Best Solution?

Over the past three decades or so, replacing missing teeth has improved so significantly that it can be easy for patients to forget that they have them and next to impossible for someone else to distinguish them from your real teeth. While in the past our only real solution was a bridge or dentures/partials, these days your periodontist has another option that is designed and customized specifically for your mouth — dental implants.So what’s the best answer for your missing teeth in Medford or Grants Pass, OR? Keep reading for some helpful insight. Why Replace Missing Teeth?Read More