Gum recession can be quite problematic for a number of reasons. If you don’t get a dentist’s opinion in time, then it could result in a loss of teeth. In addition to preventative techniques for dental hygiene, a professional dentist can perform a helpful procedure called the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) to cure your gum recession.

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We perform perioscopy on patients with aggressive or chronic periodontitis affecting one or more deep periodontal pockets. Using a miniature dental endoscope with advanced video, lighting and magnification technology, we identify areas of bacteria present below the gum line and then clean them with very small, ultrasonically powered probes called micro ultrasonics. Images from the endoscope are displayed on a chair-side video screen so you and your dentist can see them.

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Another recent development in periodontal treatment is the use of laser to regenerate tissue. Utilizing the body’s own natural ability to “heal itself”, Dr. Ferrin utilizes the PerioLase™ for the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP™). Performed without a scalpel and sutures, LANAP™ creates an environment for regeneration of the tissues around your teeth (gum, bone, cementum, ligament) that are lost due to periodontal disease.

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Your teeth affect your whole body. When they’re healthy, you’re healthier too. A missing tooth can affect your bite, speech and eating choices.

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During dental school, Dr. Ferrin found himself gravitating toward dental implants and periodontal surgery. He was then accepted into the University of Kentucky’s Periodontal Program. He received advanced, clinical based training in sinus elevation, ridge augmentation, soft tissue grafting, complex implant placement and pocket reduction therapy.

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Your dental health and comfort are our primary concerns. On your first visit to the office, our main objectives are to talk with you about your concerns, answer all of your questions, and set your dental goals.

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